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Your #1 stop for all your Ardisam lawn tiller, field tiller, and ice auger replacement parts straight from the source. Ardisam is an American manufacturer of augers, tillers, outdoor chore equipment, and that’s just the stuff we carry. The full umbrella of Ardisam includes Earthquake, Eskimo, ION and many more. Our selection of Ardisam replacement parts can’t be beaten. Find the part you’re looking for with our printable PDF diagram, or simply search by category, below.

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Find your equipment by model number and view a printable PDF breakdown.  Once you track down your part number search it in the search bar at the top of the page.  Need some help? Take a look at our FAQ section for help on finding your model number.

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Maybe you don’t want to head out to the garage again. We get it. If you know your part number, you can plug it in the search bar at any time, or search our huge selection of Ardisam parts by category below. Be careful, it’s easy to get lost in those part numbers!

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Air Filters

107 products

Auger Parts

29 products


318 products


905 products


76 products


167 products


9 products

Control & Throttle Cables

49 products

Covers & Housings

232 products


319 products

Fuel Tanks

38 products

Gas Caps

28 products


550 products

Ignition Coils

30 products

Oil Filters

4 products

Spark Plugs

10 products

Starter Parts

87 products

Tires & Rims

456 products

Wheel Accessories

4 products


72 products

Can’t find what you’re looking for up there? Sorry about that, we may not have everything categorized yet! Jump down the rabbit hole and view our entire stock of Ardisam parts, here. Don’t forget to check our help section for FAQs and tips.